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Phalanx Games: “A truly satisfying and fun gaming experience”

In 2001, Phalanx Games b.v. was founded to publish strategic yet accessible games aimed at an international audience.

Phalanx develops unique games; their quality is among the very best in the world. The games are physically outstanding and appealing. The artwork is well executed and the designs are top notch.

Phalanx intends to release classic designs and brand new ones. The games are fairly easy to learn and play, yet always hard to master.

Since the start of the company a large assortment of award-winning board- and cardgames have been released. Our bestsellers are Hey! That´s My Fish!, Maharaja (Dutch Game of the Year 2004), Mesopotamia, and Chicago Poker.

The international character is already showing. Next to the “standard” Dutch, German and English version of our games, we have published games in French, Italian, Czech, Greek, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, and Russian language.



Eleven Centuries of Conquest


Italia brings to life almost 1100 years of Italian history, from 330 BC to 1100 AD. During this time numerous tribes, nations and empires invaded the Italian peninsula. Most of these tribes were trying to settle down and to displace, conquer or submit the ruling nations or classes. However, the new rulers could not hold their power for long: they were, in turn, defeated by other invaders. 


Italia consists of two different games: 
Italia I is a three player game simulating the history of ancient Italy until 80 BC, i.e., the rise of the Roman Empire. 
Italia II is a four player game which sets off at the fall of the (West) Roman Empire in 390 AD and simulates the medieval history of Italy until 820 AD. 

Each player in either version of Italia does not control just one nation but usually many different ones. These nations appear, try to play their part as best as possible and vanish again in the dust of history. 


Italia contains 1 large game board, 624 game pieces, 30 nation cards, 2 player aid cards, 6 dice, 2 note pads, and 1 rules booklet. 





Thunder on the Prairie!


Bison is a boardgame set in what is now Idaho in the Northwestern part of theUnited States of America, in times before arrival of the white man. The only inhabitants are the Nez Perce, a native American nation of fierce warriors. They lead a peaceful, partly nomadic existence. During the hunting, fishing and gathering season, they set out from their winter quarters and wander in bands from one hunting ground to another to catch deer, bison and fowl. In Bison, each player leads a band of hunters and sets out to find hunting grounds and rivers for fishing. The players try to amass as many provisions as possible. For when the first snow falls, all hunting bands must return to their common winter quarters. The player who supplies their nation with the most provisions for the harsh winter to come, will be the most respected warrior and win the game. 


In Bison, you lead your proud hunting band on a quest to find the most fertile pastures and richest rivers before the first snowfall. By amassing the greatest larder of provisions for your people before you must return to your winter quarters, you will be known as a great warrior and powerful spirit... winning much renown (and the game)! 


Bison contains 21 land tiles, including 3 starting tiles, 32 hunters (wooden cubes in blue, red, yellow and green), 12 wooden scoring cubes, 24 teepees, 24 canoes, 4 player boards, 16 white action markers, 1 totem pole, and 1 rules booklet. 




The Dutch Revolt 1568-1648
Revolution: The Dutch Revolt simulates the Eighty Years’ War between Spain and the Netherlands. This epic struggle lasted from 1568 until 1648 and eventually brought independence to Holland and the northern provinces. In the south, the revolt was less successful and Belgium did not emerge as an independent state until after the Napoleonic era. During the initial stages of the struggle, William of Orange became the symbol of freedom. His main adversary was the Spanish King Philip II, who sent in the Duke of Alba with his formidable conquistadores to stop the rebellion. 

Revolution: The Dutch Revolt 1568-1648 is a game of skill for 2 to 5 players. It depicts a power struggle in which each player represents one of the principal factions involved, the Catholics, Habsburgs, Nobility, Burghers and Reformers. Some factions tend to have similar outlooks but they are not allies - each has its own motives and objectives. 

This game is not a detailed military re-enactment of the Eighty Years´ War. It tries to capture the flavor of these interesting times in a much broader sense. It contains an element of warfare in the form of battles and sieges but the main theme is built on economic, religious and political control. The constantly shifting balance of power, caused by temporary alliances, makes Revolution an immensely challenging game. 
Revolution: the Dutch Revolt was more than 15 years in the making, and marks Francis Tresham´s long-awaited return to the forefront of game design. He is most famous for his widely acclaimed board game Civilization and the 18xx series. 

1 large game board, 41 playing cards, 416 colorful game pieces, 1 player aid card, 1 rules booklet



News items

Rise Of Empires, Graphics Almost Completed            

I´m happy to report that the graphics for our June release, Martin Wallace´s Rise of Empires, are almost complete.

Bödefeld Testing            

Recently I had the chance to test both Automobile, our October release, and a yet unannounced game from Italy, at Michael Schramm´s wonderful gathering of gamers at Bödefeld.

Automobile Artist Selected            

We have selected an artist for our October release, Automobile (by Martin Wallace).

Interview Of Klaus-Jürgen Wrede            

You´ll find an interesting interview of Klaus-Jürgen Wrede at: http://brettspillguiden.no

Hippodice Finals            

Last week the Hippodice gaming club of Bochum, Germany, again hosted the annual finals of the game authors´ competition.

Steam Release            

The game is in production and moves along nicely. Steam will be produced in Germany at leading manufacturer Ludo Fact.

Release Dates            

In the European board gaming industry, most of the titles are either released in October (at the Essen fair) or in February (at Nuernberg). However, does this really make sense?

IDEAG - Italian Game Designers´ Meeting            

I had the pleasure to attend the annual Italian Game Designers´Meeting (IDEAG) last weekend for the first time. It was held in cold but beautiful weather near Torino. 

Season Greetings            

I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone Happy Holidays and an excellent & peaceful year 2009! I hope you find the time to play.


Did I say 2009 will be a Martin Wallace year? Yes, it will!